Water Bottle

Get the production of drinking water bottles under the customer’s brand. Ready to design for customers with a friendly price Drinking water bottles are clean and safe, manufactured with modern machinery.

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Juice and Beverage Bottle

The most commonly used packaging for fruit juices are cans, sachets or bags, metal buckets or plastic buckets. Glass bottles and plastic bottles In addition, in the case of exports, bags are also used.

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Dipping and Seasoning Sauces

Selling plastic packaging for food packaging. all types of wholesale prices Order now, ready to ship, wholesale, glass, PP, PET, plastic bottles, plastic food packaging of all types.

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Plastic Cans

Producing plastic jars PP, PET, PE, HDPE, selling plastic packaging and taking orders for all kinds of plastic gallons, plastic buckets that have been certified.

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Medicine and Supplements Bottles

Packaging, medicine bottles, twist caps, dropper caps, tear caps, food supplement bottles, “all kinds”, produce foodgrade plastic bottles for water-medicine-supplement with design service.

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Cosmetic and Personal Use Bottle

Comprehensive production of cosmetic packaging Manufacture of plastic bottles, pump bottles, packaging bottles, cream jars, injection and blow molding. Specializes in the production of plastic parts.

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