Creating a comprehensive brand of dietary supplements and herbal drink is simple at iHerb Group, the leader in ONE STOP SERVICE, where the RD team and expert pharmacists designed particular formulae, one brand per one formula, and generated a distinct selling point.

Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements and herbal drinks production services are available and ready to be launched.

Full Services

From market research to formula development to packaging design, all steps are covered until the product is ready to be sold.

Product Planning and Development

To move in the right direction in order to meet market demands and have the opportunity to expand the business at the same time.



Start a dietary supplement and herbal drink business with the help of a professional consulting team.

Product and Services

Produce dietary supplements, Dietary supplement factory
and Create a supplement brand

The iHerb Company Limited provides a wide range of nutritional supplements. We are a supplement manufacturing facility that produces natural hemp products, supplements for skin care and whitening skin care, collagen, women’s nourishing and anti-oxidant supplements, detox supplements, food supplements to get rid of a hangover, weight-loss supplements, nutritional supplement drinks, brain-boosting supplements, antiaging supplements, appetite suppressant products, Menopause food supplements, food supplements to nourish the metabolism, eyes, hands, nails, acne, and body, vitamins, sunscreen vitamins, food supplements to nourish the liver, and mineral supplements.

Fiber supplement, Stem Cell supplement, men’s nourishing supplement, bone restoring supplement, blood booster supplement, dental health supplement, diabetes support supplements, heart-healthy supplements, Energy Sport dietary supplement, stress-relieving supplement, sleep aids and supplements, allergy and immunity-related dietary supplements, nutritional supplements for focus and memory, and protein powder.

We make supplements in pill, capsule, drinking powder, functional drinks, effervescent tablets, slim shots, sterilization, and freud’s sachet form. Additionally, for those interested in launching their own brand, we provide a One-Stop service that includes FDA registration, packaging design, free consultation, and formula development, all of which are handled by a team of expert pharmacists who respond to customers’ requirements in the most direct and effective manner possible.

Formula R&D Service

Packaging Design Services, Logos, Product Labels

Registration Service

One-stop supplement manufacturing service

Packing Service

Marketing Consultants with Professional Team

Certification Standards

Material information

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Whey protein is a form of protein derived from cow’s milk. It is made by extracting the carbs and fats from cow’s milk during the butter-making process, leaving just pure protein concentrate.

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Bitter Gourd

The bitter gourd, scientific name Momordica charantia, is a native vegetable that grows in the shape of small shuttle-shaped balls. The surface of the bed is rough and protruding.

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