Water Bottle

Produces drinking water in the brand that can be number 1, the factory with the highest standards In a room that is disinfected every day, FDA standards, GMP HACCP free, request for FDA and design, contact via Line@winkcenter Water is naturally alkaline (PH+), not artificially flavored and modified with electricity. Quality is checked by inoculation to check for contamination on a regular basis. has a higher than normal oxygen value that can be absorbed into the body well We do our best to give our customers confidence when it comes to leaving your valuable brand with us. 

We do the whole system by ourselves, from bottle label design, custom bottle production, FDA request and delivery by a team of experts in every step. Free consulting services for companies, government organizations, restaurants, hotels, shops, department stores, food courts, showrooms or events. 

With the production process, standards, many types of bottle shapes With a professional graphics team to meet the needs of customers in all styles and styles



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