Blue-green algae, which contain up to 70% protein by dry weight, have been determined to be one of the best nutrient sources. Additionally, there are up to 18 different types of amino acids.

Whey protein is a form of protein derived from cow’s milk. It is made by extracting the carbs and fats from cow’s milk during the butter-making process, leaving just pure protein concentrate.

A green coffee bean is a raw bean that has not yet been roasted. It will have green seeds, which contain a wide range of active ingredients such as flavonoids

The white kidney bean is a type of legume that looks like a kidney and belongs to the same family as soybeans. The chemical “Phaseolamin” found in White Kidney Bean Extract…

Chili is scientifically known as Capsicum frutescens L. and is known by various names in English, including Chili and Chilli Pepper. However, if it is a large chilli with a moderate flavor.

Ichthyol Pale oil contains a variety of minerals, including a sulfonate salt that can be dissolved in water. To inhibit the microorganisms that cause skin diseases.

Cactus extract is rich in insoluble dietary fiber. It has a special property that binds to fat in the upper part of the stomach, preventing the body from absorbing fat.

The bitter gourd, scientific name Momordica charantia, is a native vegetable that grows in the shape of small shuttle-shaped balls. The surface of the bed is rough and protruding.

Hop Powder Extract was first introduced by the beer industry and developed as a weight loss supplement to meet the lifestyle of the younger generation who do not have time to exercise.

Garcinia, also known as Garcinia cambogia or Garcinia atroviridis, is a fruit that grows in southern India and Southeast Asia.