Food supplements, you should know

Supplements are substances that aid in the strengthening of the body when it doesn’t get enough of all five dietary categories on a daily basis. At present, the food supplement industry is growing rapidly.

How well did you understand the supplements? Supplements are substances that aid in the strengthening of the body when it doesn’t obtain enough of all five food groups on a daily basis. The food supplement market is currently expanding fast, with the United States and Japan having the highest dietary supplement use, while Thailand has also continued to rise. Today, Primacare has gathered all of the supplement information and classified it into the following categories:

Health products strengthen the body.

This dietary supplement has been widely produced for a long time and is popular among the general population. It is widely considered that taking such a supplement will improve our bodies’ efficiency, stress resistance, and work-related exhaustion. These supplements, which often contain the body’s essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and extracts, were advertised as being able to help with a wide range of health problems.

Brain care products

This supplement is mostly intended for students who have to study hard, use their brains, have a little rest time, reduce fatigue, and relieve stress. Fish oil, ginkgo leaves, B vitamins, and other foods fall into this category. A word of caution when selecting a supplement is to buy one that has been scientifically confirmed to work because the majority of these supplements are prohibitively expensive.

Skin and beauty products

Wrinkles, dullness, and a lack of moisture in the skin are the causes of skin problems, and the supplement will contain extracts that help with specific areas such as collagen, glutathione, tomatoes, and so on. However, because everyone’s complexion is different, this does not guarantee that you will have white skin overnight. Dietary supplements are only intended to help you.

Products for internal systems

Weight-loss or weight-control aids can be classified into four categories: those that aid in fat absorption, those that boost the body’s energy metabolism, those that aid in the extraction of starch or carbohydrates for energy, and those that are low in fat.

Internal system products for women and men

There are two types of it:

  1. Internal system products for women: Internal problems, such as irregular menstruation, body odor, and leucorrhea, are common among women and are a serious health concern. However, herbs are frequently used as the primary raw material in nutritional supplements, which are both harmless and do not accumulate in the body.
  2. Internal system products for men: The majority of products are erectile dysfunction supplements or male-specific supplements for nourishing the body.

Supplements are a great way to get extra nutrition when the body lacks nutrients or to avoid diseases caused by malnutrition, such as scurvy, purple blotchy skin, numbness, and rickets. For pregnant women, the elderly who have difficulty absorbing nutrients, chronically ill patients, vegetarians, and those who are exposed to severe health hazards such as working in a polluted environment, drinking or smoking heavily, and so on, it is suggested that people take medications based on their age, physical condition, and intended use, with the pharmacist providing the best initial recommendations.

Precautions when using dietary supplements

People who use dietary supplements should also consider how much of each type of nutrient is ingested during meals to ensure that the amount consumed is within the acceptable intake range and does not produce negative effects. Some varieties may require eating breaks to allow their bodies to rest, so use the recommended daily intake (RDA or DRI) on the label to determine how many days you should not consume it in a row.

Taking a vitamin supplement either before or after a meal is the most beneficial way to allow nutrients to enter the absorption process with the main food we eat. However, if you take too many vitamins, you may experience a variety of negative side effects. Thus, customers should carefully consider how much they consume. Moreover, all properties and uses must also be clearly defined by brand owners. In any case, a dietary supplement is not a medicine and does not provide a fully functional body; it is simply a supplement. And because our bodies absorb chemicals in different ways, the results may vary from person to person.

When selecting a dietary supplement, remember to thoroughly read the product label. Above all, remember to eat foods from all five food groups on a regular basis and to exercise. If you wish to establish your own nutritional supplement line, remember to study the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The manufacturer must be accredited by numerous organizations to ensure that the products are of high quality and standard.