Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE)

A green coffee bean is a raw bean that has not yet been roasted. It will have green seeds, which contain a wide range of active ingredients such as flavonoids (Catechins, Anthocyanins), caffeine, ferruric acid, nicotinic acid, trigonyl, quinolinic acid, tannic acid, pyrogallic acid, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid, which is one of the most important substances that contribute to weight loss.

Chorogenic Acid is a compound found in green coffee beans that aids in the burning of fat that has built up in various areas of the body, as well as inhibits the absorption of sugar and fat into the body.

The benefits of green coffee bean extract
  • To prevent carbohydrate absorption by inhibiting the activity of alpha-glucosidase enzymes. As a result, the use of sugar as a source of energy is reduced, and the quantity of sugar converted to body fat is also reduced.
  • To prevent fat absorption by inhibiting the activity of Pancreatic Lipase.
  • To increase fat burning by boosting the efficiency of the Carnitine Pamitoyl Transferase enzyme in the liver. As a result, fat is better utilized for energy.



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